Timeshare with Title (TwT) is simply a tenant-in-common (TIC) share in a resort-style holiday property.
It's an asset you own that can be willed (bequeathed), sold, or mortgaged separately.

"Timeshare with Title is a Revolutionary Advancement in Shared Ownership of holiday property in Australia."

The emergence of the ticX trading exchange for tenant in common shares in real estate, represents the most significant development in the property sector since Strata Title was introduced in 1961.

Looking to sell a TIC share in your Furnished, Managed, Holiday Home or Apartment?

At Queensland Timeshare with Title, our seasoned team is composed of licensed real estate agents who not only work in but also reside in the very locality they represent.

Our experts have dedicated time to understanding the intricacies of holiday properties in their local market. Whether buying or selling a TIC property share, we will facilitate the connection between you and a knowledgeable professional in your area who can guide you with confidence and insight.

Why buy 100% of a Holiday Property when you could just buy a fraction of the time you want?

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Only ticX Members are legally able to offer any property for shared ownership.

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Not all timeshares are the same!

It’s important to understand the difference between a deeded ownership product and a vacation membership product. Timeshare with title is a real estate asset you own that can be willed (bequeathed) sold or mortgaged separately.


Not everyone wants to, needs to or can afford to own 100% of a holiday home or apartment. Queensland Timeshare with Title makes every holiday home or apartment ‘affordable’ and thousands of buyers and investors who had previously thought they could not afford to use and enjoy their own holiday home, now can.

The advent of the ticX trading exchange has brought about a greater level of liquidity to tenant-in-common shares in real estate which means buyers now have more confidence purchasing a share in a property with family, friends, colleagues or others.


If you find you’re no longer using your furnished, managed holiday property as often as you’d like to, have you considered selling a share to someone else?

Timeshare with title is a deeded ownership share in your property that you can sell. 

Releasing some equity in your holiday property in exchange for cash can be beneficial if you are finding you’ve become asset rich but cash poor.

To find out more about how you can sell a share in your holiday property contact us today!

Cost Comparison

The average price of a new caravan and towing vehicle combination, or a motor home, starts at around $190,000. 

Whereas, buying say a 1/4 share (of time, usage, ownership) of a quality holiday apartment can cost as little as $150,000.

A tenant in common (TIC) share in real estate is an appreciating asset you own that can be willed (bequeathed), sold or mortgaged separately.

Should you wish to sell your TIC share, you can list it for sale on the Tenant in Common Exchange.


Appreciating asset – V – Depreciating asset

Owning a share of a well located luxury holiday property close to a beach or other amenity will generally hold its value and appreciate in value over time. 

Whereas a car and caravan combo or motor home will always keep depreciating in value over time.

How many persons can own a single property as tenants in common?
There is generally no limit to the number of individuals who can own a single piece of real estate as tenants in common. Tenancy in common is a form of property ownership where each owner has an undivided interest in the property, and each owner is free to transfer or sell their interest without the consent of the other owners. The ownership interests may not be equal, and each owner can pass their share to their heirs.
Since there is no legal limit on the number of individuals who can be tenants in common, it’s possible for a large group of people to collectively own a property in this manner. 

TicX and Real Estate Liquidity