Swap Club

Looking for a change of scenery?

Interested in arranging a time swap for your holiday property? If you would like to exchange time in your property for time in another holiday property, join our vacation Swap Club!

About the SWAP Club

The Resort Swap Club is a group of like-minded resort holiday property co-owners that offer to swap time in their resort property in exchange for time at another resort location, while avoiding the drawbacks associated with owning the whole property and/or traditional timeshare. Shared ownership is “the smarter way to own a holiday property” for good reason – not the least being cost savings.

For many families and affluent travellers, it is simply smarter to own a share of a luxury furnished holiday property, especially if it will be used part-time as a family retreat or to escape winter.

The timeshare with title shared ownership model coupled with our Resort Swap Club is truly the best and safest ways to own and enjoy a second home.

For Buyers & Sellers

For co-owners, whether they want to buy, sell or exit a timeshare with title share, you have the peace of mind  that comes with dealing with a reputable ticX reseller.

Not everyone wants to, needs to or can afford to own 100% of a holiday property. ‘Queensland Timeshare with Title’, having recently joined ticX, makes every holiday home, apartment or resort property ‘affordable’ and thousands of buyers and investors who had previously thought they could not afford to own and enjoy a vacation home, now can.

Developers and project marketers are now veering towards allowing multiple investors to take up co-ownership in an apartment rather than wait around for a single buyer to purchase a whole apartment on their own.

Swap time in your resort property in exchange for time at another property!

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